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   Artech-stand designs, builds and organizes exhibition
for fairs and exhibitions events showroom.

The system of trade has as main objective the meeting, without any intermediary, between manufacturers (exhibitors) and users (operators) to facilitate relations between the insiders and the creation of business opportunities.
It is our task to recreate the image of your company at the fair, keeping your appearance and your identity.
Artech-stand works, with extreme attention to detail and a great attention to an ideal use of the space, with the aim of obtaining the maximum efficiency for the customer in terms of both image quality business, both in terms of optimization of 'sustained investment. Stands, showrooms, stores, or on a smaller scale display corners are sales tools, a place to meet with potential buyers that should both respect the codes of corporate image and on the other to give greater emphasis to the possible products exposed.
The basis of our work is the satisfaction of those who allows us to work and to be able to reach the goal optimizing time and costs, our system is based on four phases:
Listening - Design - Development - Production
We are very competitive especially on the Bologna fair because only 5 km away from our office.
We can provide all types of stands, from the cheapest at the custom booth.
I hope to hear from you for a quote on your next trade, so that you can convince yourself of our work and to show our work efficiency.